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Picture of Sarah Harries-Taylor
Trafalgar alum represent at Camp
by Sarah Harries-Taylor - Thursday, 3 August 2017, 11:23 AM


At Trafalgar Castle School Summer Co-Ed Day Camp we are happy to welcome back some Trafalgar alumnae as camp counsellors! This year we have alumnae Nabeela, Hanna, Katie, Anna and current student Megan bringing their own Castle flair to summer camp. Over the past few weeks we have also had current Trafalgar students join us as Counsellors in Training (CITs) as they gather community service hours for their high school diploma.

Megan (fondly known as Willow at Camp) shares, "When I return to the Castle for summer camp, I get to see it continue to touch the hearts of the members within our community. That's what Trafalgar is - a community. I'm so honoured to be apart of it throughout both the summer and the school year, and to get the opportunity to watch it grow as children make some of their most treasured memories within the Castle walls."